Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Stratford Day 5 or: "No, we don't go there."

So, the last day again has lovely weather. My day starts with the usual shower, getting ready for breakfast, and stuffing David Tennant with socks.

The poster, I mean. I stuff my socks and a shirt inside, wrap it into a pair of jeans and a pullover and put it into my bag, while I pack all my stuff because I have to leave around noon. I then have my last breakfast at Mrs Kim's who tells us about a much lovelier way to get into town through a park, along the river, over another bridge and than coming quite straight to Holy Trinity Church. I at least want to see Shakespeare's grave before I leave, so that is where we go after breakfast. The walk through the park is amazingly lovely. We arrive at the church and go in. They have this map which has some details about the different parts of the church. So we stand in the crossing and I look at the map. On my left and right are two screens, I point to the one on the right and say "Shakespeare was carried through this screen to his burial". And El looks, points to the left and says "It's more like this screen, isn't it?" Which of course it is. :ugly: Typical example of Pursiness. Well, we have a look at the grave and bust of him (which looks a bit ridiculous). I also find a picture of Andrew, the guy from the pub. Turns out he is actually the Director of Music at the church. *gg* So we have also met British understatement.

We then decide to go to Hall's Croft. I'll just have time to see one more house and that one is closest. But it is still closed. So we go on to New Place. Which is also still closed. We go to one of the stores, I buy a sandwich to take with me later on the bus and the we head back to New Place. And linger a while longer in the sun before the house opens. El tries to take a picture of the school kids walking by in their uniforms as unobtrusively as possible.

The house finally opens. New Place focuses on the publication history of Shakespeare's works if I remember correctly. It's nice enough but not that interesting. Nothing is actually left of Shakespeare's house except a bit of the foundations. But they have this Knot Garden and that's the way we take out of the house. I also prove that I look horrible in almost any photos taken of me. I think we need three or four tries until one halfway good picture turns up. Please never put those online. It's already quite late then, but we head for Hall's Croft nonetheless. I at least want to say that I set foot into each of the five houses. We hit the shop and I find flower seeds to take home with me (I already nicked seeds of some flower in the knot garden earlier). I also buy a number of the Shakespeare quote pens that they have. The guy at the shop is already really funny and I regret that I have to leave before seeing the house. (And apparently I have really missed something.)

So we head back to the B&B, I get my things and we go to Riverside bus station. And we are way too early. I think the bus is already there though and the bus driver greets us before walking off to have a chat with someone. After a while he comes back and I hand him my ticket. He says "No, we don't go there." I go "WHAT??? What do you mean you're not going there?" I absolutely panic because how am I supposed to get to East Midlands? And if my miss my flight what am I gona do? Knock on David Tennant's door and ask if I can stay a couple of nights? (Actually... ) The bus driver breaks into a smile, nay, I should better say a wicked grin, although the grin is not wicked, just delighted that he absolutely has pulled my leg. Gosh, I almost hit the guy when I realize he has been making fun of me. Anyways, it's time to say goodbye to Hoppi, El and Kristina, we hug, I get on the bus and off I am through the lovely countryside. Bit sad though. I arrive at Coventry where I wait for over an hour for my ride to East Midlands, taking notes on Hamlet. Then I get on the next bus and arrive right on time at the airport. Lovely airport BTW. I take a last look around and go in, check in my bag, go to the shops, buy some more food and look out of the window at the lovely sunny afternoon. While the sun sets I board the plane, get a window seat again, but have an annoying woman with a little child next to me. Believe me, the child was okay, but the lady was unnerving me. When we take off it is already dark and I see the nets or roads and streetlights from above. I can even see the coastline in the dark because of the lights. But when we get back over the mainland there are more clouds, and the descent over Berlin is actually quite bumpy, going through clouds and landing in the rain. I call mum while I wait for my bag. Then I go to the S-Bahn and drive home, and my adventure is over. As I unpack I see that the poster has not even one wrinkle. Ha! I put it up over my telly.

I had such an amazing time at Stratford. And that Five House pass is valid until October. Gosh, I would really like to go back now and do it all over again. I'll have to go back anyways when I run out of pens. This is the first time in ages that I always have a pen with me. Anyways, it was a fantastic trip and the memories actually carried me through half the winter. It was so cool to just forget all the annoying stuff for a couple of days and just do really nice things. So great. BTW, I still have the rest of my pounds in my purse and keep mixing it up with the other coins. I somehow can't get myself to take it out.

And I actually managed to finish blogging about the trip before I go on the trip to Portugal. Ha!

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juhuu! :-) Wieder was zum Lesen!

Also ich wär auch dafür, dass wir heuer wieder hinfahren? Gibt's nicht wieder irgendwelche Theaterstücke mit D.T.?

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