Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Porto Day 2 or: Do you guys have proper coffee?

[Blogging goes on in English now, because I've been speaking English for most of the morning already.] I have to add that yesterday I also had a glass of port down at the lobby, and that everybody was still frantically reading stuff for today's lecture. And that the supermarket has lots of German products. Danone, Leibnitz, Nestle, all the bad guys atop of the food chain.

So we got up at 7 in the morning (which is actally 8 in Germany and thus my usual time to get up), showered and got ready for breakfast. We were actually woken up by the cry of sea gulls. I involuntarily had to think of Legolas in Lord of the Rings. ('If you hear the cry of the gulls on the shore, your heart in the forest be happy no more' something like that.) I tried to pick some clothes that would not be too warm or too cold. I have to say, I have to add a new jacket to my shopping list. I need one anyway, and there still should be some space in my suitcase. Breakfast is another culture shock because there is not much choice about what you eat. There is plenty of bread, yes, but only two kinds of meat (Aufschnitt) that I don't like and one kind of cheese. They have porridge as well and people eat it with warm milk (yuck!) and ham and eggs which looked slightly disgusting as well. I remembered Mrs Kim's English breakfast very fondly this morning. And Mrs Kims coffee. Ach, the coffee. Had I known, I would have had more on the plane. Portuguese 'cafe' is espresso, and I hate espresso. K. was suggesting I should drink tea or milk or Kakao, but all of these are not coffee! The cafeteria at the university also just serves espresso of coffee with milk, but I just want plain black coffee. I have no idea how I will survive two weeks without good plain coffee. But one of the Italian girls said I should try cafe longu, it could come closer to what I want. So I will try that tomorrow. Another thing: they serve canned fruit for breakfast. pineapple, peaches all out of a can. Ewwww? (There's some fresh fruit also, but only little.)

We went ot university then, found our room despite the labyrinth and waited for Clare to arrive. I have to say, I made avery good choice with this seminar. I can relate to a lot of the stuff that we have been talking about this morning and Clare is also very nice and very relaxed. The morning passed in no time, and I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself more that usually. (I mentioned David Tennant. How could I not when we were talking of our perception of plays being presupposed by previous experiences? I DON'T KNOOOOOWWWWWW. [/TheDoctor]) Then we went to the canteen, and I have to say the food here is really nasty. I mean, I do eat it but the quality is partly very yucky. There is not much choice at the canteen, only 'Carne?' or no or 'Salade?' or no. So with a piece of meat I had today rice and chips (they are served together. And they even taste good together) and salad. Tomorrow I might say no when they ask 'carne'. And: the Portuguese seem to be crazy about jello. I am beginning to get crazy about jello as well. Yesterday I had the yellow, today I had the red.

So after lunch break, lectures resumes, interesting, but not that much actually. After having food you are tired anyway, there is no decent coffee, and it is awfully hot, so I almost fall asleep. At four lectures are over though and a technician tries to set up the internet on the computers, so that we can use them at the university. Hestarts by asking us to access a certain homepage. Ahahahahahaha. I would love to, but I have no internet. Well, my fellow students eduroam works on its own account actually. Mine doesn't. Vista. There's the rub. :ugly:

I decide to get out of university anyways and go shopping with my roommate. And we finally find the food court at the shopping mall. Pizza, pasta, McDonalds, sandwiches, virtually everything. Yay. We also go and look for shoes and for a lighter jacket but the stores there don't have anything nice that I can afford. So I decide to explore Porto a little and follow the road past the university. A nice walk that leads to the River Douro past wistera, gardens, terraces and down very steep slopes.

Anyways, pictures will be uploaded in the GH Gallery because naming an editing should be easiest. I'll edit in the link as soon as I'm done uploading.