Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

Porto Day 3 or: Where is H&M?

Classes are pretty unspectacular today. Apart from the fact that my perception of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is Dead is tainted by the image of David Tennant as Hamlet clucking like a chicken. I just can't help it after having seen that scene from the film yesterday. Lunch is fishy today. I mean, it's fish. With loads of bones. But edible. And afterwards caramel jello pudding. Then I enjoy the sun for an hour with Katrin before heading in for the next lectures. (Clare actually talks about Branagh's Hamlet. *cough* Finally one topic I know something about. You don't get word in though it teachers are talking. :ugly:)

So after classes we decide to head for the town centre. On the way we pass the Palacio de Cristal in the Romantic Garden. And the Romantic Garden is marvellous. It has all those pretty bushes in full bloom and lots of lovely trees and little hidden booths where couples are actually sitting and it overlooks the Douro again. Beautiful.

We then go further into the city centre trying to find Via Catarina because an H&M is there and we hope to find some cheap shoes, a handbag and a jacket. On the way (up and down) we pass lots of those lovely tiny little houses, but also huge new (and mostly ugly) buildings. We are also passed by by a group of those poor first year students flanked by the second years in uniform chanting from the top of their lungs. (The first year students. The second years just look sinister.) We come closer to the Rua de Santa Catarina where H&M is supposed to be, but ask someone else who sends us on. Meanwhile the sun is setting. We trudge on until we finally are there, and come directly to a C&A. Yay! It's getting cold, so I decide to look in earnest for a jacket there and actually find something which is exactly my colour and style and everything. So we ask again someone if they could tell us the way to H&M:

Pursi: "Sorry, do you speak English?"
Portuguese woman: "No, sorry, I don't speak English."
Pursi: "Which way is H&M? This or that? *points*"
Portuguese woman: "That way!"
Pursi: "Thank you!"

Not bad for someone who doesn't speak English. Anyways, we finally find Via Catarina which is: a shopping mall. A big one with the promised H&M but unfortunately without the shoes or the bag. (Either too ugly or too expensive.) So we go up to their food court on the fourth floor which is really cool because it has those little houses as decorative booths all around. So we have a sandwich (ordering in Portuguese is really a pain in the ass) and then head for the metro station. Because you know, Porto has a metro wich takes us back in 15 minutes to the Casa da Musica. Buying the tickets though is quite an adventure and I have no idea how these people check whether you have paid your fees. And you can update the tickets. Like I said at the airport. Ha. So we go back over the Rotunda da Boavista and I go into the mall again because I jsut can't stand the idea of sitting in the hotel lobby in my boots. I finally go to Accessorize and buy the bloody flip flops that I could have bought on Monday already. So: jacket - check, shoes - check. And my toes are happy because they can wriggle freely now. Tomorrow: besides the preparation for the presentation on Friday maybe a visit to the graveyard (which is really just across the street) is doable. And now I will get myself some beer.

BTW, until now we have seen a C&A, H&M, Hussel, a Deutsche Bank, a Lidl and a Schlecker shop here. This is really really weird.

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Iiiiich hab Dir nicht zum Geburtstag gratuliert, dabei wollte ich doch unbedingt dran denken! Hmpf. Jedenfalls hiermit nachträglich - und ich wünsch Dir noch eine schöne Zeit :-)