Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

Porto Day 4 or: The ultimate coffee withdrawl

So, with the fourth day I have actually given in and am drinking my coffee with milk although it is the most disgusting thing I can imagine. And the lack of caffein is taking its toll as well, I am tired as hell. Apart from that not much sight-seeing was in order today as we are all preparing like mad to write up our presentations for tomorrow. I'm mostly finished now though, but all around me there are myriads of people preparing stuff.

So best thing today: my little twisting around of the title of our seminar making it into Cycling and Reciting. You basically get on a bike and recite Hamlet's famous soliloquy "To ride or not to ride that is the question. Whether it's nobler in the mind to suffer the rain and snow of fortune..." Worst thing today: all the fussing about presentations, and an overly anxious Portuguese student who is apparently a pain in the ass and who I will be in the same seminar with next week. Brilliant.

Food status: Lunch was disgustingly overcooked, red jelly for desert was yummy.

EDIT: I sometimes really hate to work with people. I can't get a clear thought in.