Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Geeks have more fun!

My inner geek can stop bouncng up and down now at least because I have done the presentation on Doctor Who, and I think it wasn't bad. I hardly ever can judge my work, so I'll just leave it at that and wait for the grade R. will give me. I also got the assessment for last semester's class. Words like 'useful contributions', 'valuable', and 'pleasantly fluid, idiomatic English' (aaawwwww.) crop up. Yay me. I have actually hardly an idea why I am so successful all over sudden. It's nice though.

Having done the presentation I find I have a bit of trouble focusing on the next project though. The presentation was so much fun, and actually with a bit more theoretical background, this could be a nice master's thesis, I think. But then again, writing about something that you love so much can very easily spoil it for you. So I wondering a little whether I want to make a change in my topic. Especially as Shakespeare is a topic with tons of literature and I might have trouble finding my own angle on it. And I just prefer that. I mean, analysing things just doesn't make much sense if others have done it before. And with Doctor Who at least I hardly have found any material in the library or on the web. Just some bits and pieces that I could use for background info. I guess I just have to go and make a pro and cons list.

I'm also not sure whether I will write the paper for Porto. I am just tired at the moment, and the paper is due next week, and I'm not in researching Shakespeare mood which is worst of all. :ugly: Oh well.

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Kristina hat gesagt…

Go for the stuff without any secondary literature. You'll have to do more work but it's also more fun... at least that's what I usually find...
I'm writing a paper on the Bartimaeus Trilogy this term -- that will get very interesting :-)

Purslane hat gesagt…

Barti! :D Thiii!

Well, I might suggest the thing to my teacher tomorrow, let's see. And it would be so much fun. And there would be some theoretical background as well; that's basically all that I need. And I'd knew who might be the second corrector on that thing then as well.

Did I mention that I was fangirlying for 90 minutes in class? It was so cool. And I used El's picture of the ATAT and the Dalek in tha window in Stratford. *ggg*

Kristina hat gesagt…

Cool! Would have loved to see that presentation! but 90 minutes...whew! isn't that bloody exhausting?