Montag, 20. April 2009

"I'm gonna lock myself into that police box, right?"

If anyone is expecting blogging about Porto, I have to disappoint you. I am drowning in work. My teacher has asked me to do my presentation for the seminar on Britishness next week already. I suggested the topic: Doctor Who. (I have no idea how I will keep myself from bouncing up and down with fangirl excitement when I'm doing the presentation.) So I am working away on that at the moment, but it is just such a huge amount of stuff. And I first have to get a decent overview before I can trim things down again. Then there is the essay for Porto for which I haven't written a word yet, I have to stay on top of my translation work (1,0 for my translation of the beginning of The Importance of Being Ernest! Yay!!!), and I am planning and starting research for my master's thesis. Work eats up the rest of my time. Today I went to get my hair cut anyways, and I will watch Quantum of Solace because I was in the mood for something that goes BOOOM! And maybe I'll manage to update the booklist later this week as well. But right now I have a knot in my brain with all the Doctor Who stuff that I have researched today already.